€ 36,700,000

2024-06-18 18:15:00 GMT+02:00

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The SuperEnaLotto Play Schedule


The SuperEnalotto lottery holds drawings every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8:00 PM CET. Players can purchase tickets for these draws up until 7:30 PM CET on the day of the drawing.


Staying up-to-date on the consistent SuperEnalotto schedule allows players to plan their lottery participation and check the winning numbers promptly after each draw. The results are published online immediately following the nightly drawings.


By playing SuperEnalotto on the established Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday schedule, lottery enthusiasts can maximize their chances of winning the large jackpots and other prizes offered by this popular game. Checking the latest draw results is quick and easy on reputable lottery websites.


How Do You Play SuperEnaLotto Online?


Play SuperEnaLotto online by choosing six numbers from a guess range of 1-90. Fill out your SuperEnaLotto tickets the same way you would at a retailer. Select your numbers manually, by using the Quick Pick option, or your saved My Lucky Numbers. The Italian lottery offers players a jackpot and six secondary prize divisions.

Play SuperEnaLotto with South African Rands. Learn more about How it Works.

Italy’s SuperEnaLotto is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 21:00 GMT +2. 

How Can You Save on SuperEnaLotto Tickets Online?


Buy your lottery tickets online with MagicLotto to save big!

At MagicLotto we do NOT charge any commissions on our South African Lotteries (SA Lotto, PowerBall, or Daily Lotto). MagicLotto charges the lowest commission fees when it comes to the EuroMillions, UK Lottery, USA PowerBall, and SuperEnaLotto. All lotto tickets are charged in South African Rands to make it easier for our clients.

How Do You Win the SuperEnaLotto Jackpot?


You win the SuperEnaLotto jackpot if the six numbers on your ticket match those selected in the draw. SuperEnaLotto has a guaranteed starting jackpot of €2 million, with a percentage of the ticket sales adding onto this amount. The Italian lottery set a new European jackpot record when it awarded a €209 million jackpot prize in August 2019 after over a year of exciting rollovers! SuperEnaLotto's previous record of €177  million was claimed in October 2010.  Italy’s SuperEnaLotto is famed for its long rollover runs and has attracted the likes of Madonna during waves of multi-million euro jackpot-induced lotto tourism!

Italy SuperEnaLotto also offers five secondary prize categories for players who make a partial match of the six numbers selected at the draw.

Learn more by visiting SuperEnalotto’s official website.

How Do You Claim SuperEnaLotto Prizes at MagicLotto?


When you win a prize while playing the lottery online at MagicLotto, you're eligible to receive FREE notifications of the latest results to your email or via SMS. All secondary winnings are transferred directly into your MagicLotto account after the official SuperEnalotto results are published and the prize money has been received from the official lottery operator. Bigger prizes may require personal collection in Italy. Prizes up to €100 are tax-free; prizes above that amount will be taxed by the Italian government up to 12% of the wins. Learn more with our Lottery Tax Page.