How to buy a OTT voucher: Topping Up Your MagicLotto Account Using OTT Voucher Online

How to buy a OTT voucher: Topping Up Your MagicLotto Account Using OTT Voucher Online


How to buy a OTT voucher: Topping Up Your MagicLotto Account Using OTT Voucher Online

MagicLotto has established itself as a premier online platform, providing a wide array of lottery, casino games, and instant win options, all accessible with the convenience of a few clicks. Operated by Reboot Internet Technology cc in South Africa and VendPro Utilities cc in Namibia, it ensures a secure and responsible gaming environment, free from associations with traditional lottery and casino game companies. Topping up your MagicLotto account has never been more accessible, thanks to the OTT voucher online, a preferred payment method that offers instant access to a world of gaming without the need for a bank card or enduring hidden fees.

Unlocking the full potential of your MagicLotto adventure is seamless with the purchase and use of an OTT voucher. Whether buying an OTT voucher from a banking app, tuck shops, or navigating the top up your accounts process, players can enjoy the simplicity of a 12-digit pin system. This method not only eliminates the complexities tied to traditional banking processes but also positions OTT vouchers as a strategic, user-friendly way to maintain control over your voucher amount and manage gaming expenditures effectively.

What is an OTT Voucher?

An OTT Voucher represents a versatile digital cash voucher, pivotal in bridging the gap between physical cash transactions and digital payments. This tool is especially advantageous for users who prefer not to disclose their bank card details online or do not have one. Here’s a breakdown of its key characteristics:

Digital Cash Voucher for Online Transactions

OTT Vouchers facilitate various online payments, including bill payments, shopping, and subscriptions. They are particularly useful for topping up accounts like MagicLotto, where they ensure secure and instant deposits.

Accessibility and Purchase Options

Available at over 200,000 retailers across South Africa and through popular banking apps like Capitec and Nedbank, OTT Vouchers are easily obtainable. Users can purchase these vouchers in-store or online with options like credit cards or instant EFT, receiving a unique voucher PIN via email, SMS, or printed on a till slip.

Versatility in Use

Beyond their primary use in online betting platforms, OTT Vouchers serve various day-to-day online payment needs. They are available in increments ranging from R5 to R5000, catering to different user requirements.

Promotional Tool for OTT Media Services

Originally, OTT Vouchers gained popularity as promotional tools for Over-The-Top media services like Netflix and Hulu, offering users discounted or free access for a set period. This aspect helps attract new subscribers and retain existing ones, enhancing market share and user engagement for service providers.

By integrating these features, OTT Vouchers not only offer a secure payment method but also enhance user experience by simplifying online transactions and promoting digital content access.

Purchasing an OTT Voucher

Online Purchase Options

  1. Prepaid24 Platform
    • Visit the Prepaid24 website.
    • Create an account or log in using a cell phone number and password.
    • Select the OTT Voucher from available products and proceed to purchase.
  2. Capitec Bank App
    • Open the Capitec Bank app or dial 1203279# on your mobile phone.
    • Navigate to the vouchers section and select OTT Voucher.
    • Choose the desired voucher type (Flexi, retailer-specific, online, or top-up).
    • Confirm the purchase and receive your voucher PIN.
  3. Simplex Solutions
    • Access the Simplex Solutions platform for various bill payments and prepaid transactions.
    • Opt for an OTT Voucher to complete your transaction.

In-Store Purchase Process

  1. Visit a Participating Retail Outlet
    • Locate a nearby store such as a spaza shop, tuck shop, or convenience store.
    • Request an OTT Voucher at the counter.
  2. Transaction Details
    • Pay the desired amount in cash.
    • Collect the till slip which includes a unique 12-digit voucher PIN.

Table: Key Steps for Purchasing OTT Vouchers

Purchase Method

Steps to Follow

Output Received

Online (Prepaid24)

Log in, select OTT Voucher, pay

12-digit PIN via SMS/email

Online (Capitec Bank)

Use app or USSD, select voucher, pay

12-digit PIN via SMS/email


Visit store, request voucher, pay in cash

Till slip with 12-digit PIN


Purchasing an OTT voucher offers the benefits of safety, privacy, convenience, anonymity, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for topping up your accounts securely and efficiently.

Topping Up Your MagicLotto Account

Step-by-Step Guide to Topping Up Your MagicLotto Account Using an OTT Voucher

1. Log In to Your MagicLotto Account

  • Visit the MagicLotto website and enter your credentials to log in.

2. Access the Deposit Section

  • Once logged in, navigate to the 'My Account' area and click on the "Deposit" button.

3. Select the OTT Voucher Deposit Option

  • From the list of available payment methods, choose "OTT Voucher."

4. Enter Your 12-Digit Voucher PIN

  • Carefully type the 12-digit PIN that you received when purchasing your OTT voucher.

5. Confirm Your Deposit

  • Review the details and confirm the transaction to proceed with the deposit.

6. Instant Credit of Funds

  • Upon confirmation, your funds will be instantly credited to your MagicLotto account, allowing you to play immediately.

Table: Quick Reference for OTT Voucher Deposits


Action Required


Log In

Enter website, input credentials

Access to user account


Go to 'My Account', click 'Deposit'

Access deposit options

Select Payment

Choose 'OTT Voucher'

Prepare to enter voucher details

Enter PIN

Input the 12-digit voucher PIN

Ready to confirm deposit

Confirm Transaction

Verify details and confirm

Immediate credit of funds to your account


By following these straightforward steps, you can ensure a secure and hassle-free way to top up your MagicLotto account, keeping your gaming journey exciting and uninterrupted.

Benefits of Using OTT Vouchers for MagicLotto

Safety and Privacy

OTT Vouchers enhance safety and privacy for MagicLotto players by allowing deposits without the need to share personal or financial details. This feature is crucial for users who prioritize security in online transactions.


With over 150,000 retail outlets across South Africa and availability online, OTT Vouchers offer unparalleled convenience. Players can easily purchase these vouchers near their location or through a simple online transaction, making it effortless to keep the game going.


OTT Vouchers provide a high level of anonymity, converting cash into digital form, which is safer and more discreet. This is particularly beneficial for users who wish to keep their online betting activities private.


The versatility of OTT Vouchers is evident as they are accepted across various online platforms. This allows users to utilize a single type of voucher for multiple entertainment and betting websites, streamlining their online spending.

Promotional Benefits

By entering used OTT Voucher PINs into MagicLotto’s Second Chance platform, players can unlock additional opportunities to win prizes such as free vouchers, airtime, data, and more in exciting giveaways and lucky draws.

Table: Overview of OTT Voucher Benefits for MagicLotto Users




No need to share personal or financial information.


Transactions remain confidential, protecting user identity.


Available widely across retail outlets and online, easy to purchase.


Allows users to maintain privacy in their entertainment spending.


Can be used across multiple online platforms, not limited to MagicLotto.


Used vouchers can be entered into contests for additional prizes, enhancing user experience.


These benefits collectively make OTT Vouchers a preferred choice for enhancing the gaming experience on MagicLotto, ensuring both security and enjoyment.


Navigating through the journey from acquiring an OTT voucher to topping up your MagicLotto account encapsulates a seamless bridge between security, convenience, and the thrill of online gaming. This process underscores a key innovation in the digital payment sphere, highlighting the effortless synthesis of traditional and modern payment methods. By leveraging the simplicity and accessibility of OTT vouchers, MagicLotto users are ensured a user-friendly experience that upholds privacy, encourages responsible gaming, and amplifies the enjoyment of their platform. The significant attributes of OTT vouchers—ranging from their widespread availability to the promotional benefits they bring to the table—make them an indispensable tool for avid gamers and casual players alike.

Given the outlined benefits, the incorporation of OTT vouchers in your MagicLotto experience not only enriches user engagement but also fosters a secure transaction environment. This duality of pleasure and privacy accentuates the relevance of OTT vouchers in today’s digital transaction ecosystem. Consequently, the continuous acceptance and usage of OTT vouchers affirm their standing as a versatile and preferred payment method for online gaming and beyond. For those looking to dive into this seamless gaming and transaction experience, you can get your OTT vouchers here, embarking on a journey that is both exhilarating and secure. In encapsulating the essence of this transition from voucher to victory, it is clear that OTT vouchers are more than just a payment method—they are a gateway to a richer and more fulfilling online gaming world.


How can I redeem my OTT voucher online?

To redeem your OTT voucher, go to an OTT-approved online store and use your 12-digit OTT voucher PIN during checkout. If you need assistance, you can contact Magicotto Support. Remember, an OTT voucher is a digital cash voucher that lets you play, pay, and receive payments online.

What should I do to use my OTT voucher for a second chance online?

After you've used your OTT voucher, hold onto it. You can use the unique twelve-digit PIN for a second chance by entering it on the Second Chance platform. This will give you an opportunity for instant cash redemption to your account and allow you to participate in various promotions.

Can I win something by using an OTT voucher and how?

Yes, you can win with an OTT voucher. To enter, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an OTT Voucher from any partnering outlet.
  2. Redeem the voucher at any partner website.
  3. Visit the provided website (
  4. Enter your details, including your name, cell phone number, and the redeemed OTT Voucher PIN.
  5. Take a chance to SPIN and WIN!


What is the process to recharge my OTT account?

To recharge your OTT account, you need to buy an OTT Voucher. You can do this at any of the 200,000 approved partners, including major retail stores, petrol stations, local Spaza shops, or tuck shops. Simply request an OTT Voucher, receive a slip with a PIN code, and redeem this PIN into your account.