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2023-12-05 20:00:00 GMT+02:00

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South Africa PowerBall is the SA lottery's largest Jackpot spinner that attracts attention from lottery fans around the world! This SA PowerBall has all the excitement of international Powerball games with the excellent winning odds unique to South Africa! This lottery draws every Tuesday and Friday offering nine amazing prize categories, all of which are tax-free! Choose five winning numbers and the Powerball to win the jackpot!


The much-anticipated South Africa Powerball results are out, drawing widespread attention from lottery enthusiasts and hopeful winners. As the ultimate game of chance, Powerball offers participants the opportunity to turn their wildest dreams into reality. In this article, we will unveil the latest winning numbers and highlight the exciting prizes that have been won in the recent drawing.


The Winning Numbers:
The Powerball drawing, conducted with great anticipation, has revealed the winning numbers - a unique combination that could potentially change someone's life forever. With a drumroll and much excitement, these numbers were determined to hold the key to an extraordinary fortune.


The Exciting Prizes:
The Powerball game features an impressive array of prizes, ranging from smaller amounts to life-altering jackpots. Let's take a closer look at the various prize tiers and what they entail.


1. Jackpot:
The elusive jackpot is the ultimate goal for every Powerball player. By matching all five main numbers and the Powerball number, a ticket holder secures an unfathomable fortune. The current Powerball jackpot captures the imagination of participants across the nation. This life-changing sum, accumulated over multiple drawings, could pave the way for a future of boundless possibilities.


2. Second Prize Tier:
While falling short of the jackpot, matching the five main numbers without the Powerball still guarantees an impressive payout. With winnings typically in the millions, the second prize tier offers a substantial windfall that can bring about significant changes to the winner's life.


3. Secondary Prizes:
Powerball doesn't leave all participants empty-handed. By matching a combination of the main numbers and the Powerball, individuals can secure exciting secondary prizes. These range from thousands to hundreds of dollars, presenting a thrilling opportunity to celebrate a win, no matter how big or small.


The Powerball results have unfolded, revealing the winning numbers and creating a buzz among fervent lottery players. While some may be celebrating their newfound wealth, others will be eagerly gearing up for the next drawing, fueled by the hopes of securing a life-changing jackpot. Regardless of the outcome, the allure of the Powerball remains, capturing the hearts and dreams of millions as they envision what could be. So keep playing, keep hoping, and who knows, your lucky numbers might just emerge victorious in the next Powerball drawing.


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South Africa - PowerBall Prize Breakdown


Guess Range

5/50 + PowerBall 1/20

Offered In

South Africa


Tue 20:58
Fri 20:58

(Local draw time)

Jackpot Type


Tax Requirement

Lottery prizes are paid out tax-free. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.



South Africa - PowerBall Lottery Information




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1 Prize



2 Prize



3 Prize



4 Prize



5 Prize



6 Prize



7 Prize



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9 Prize





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Check the Latest PowerBall Lottery Draw Results

Check the Latest PowerBall Lottery Draw Results

Did you win prizes in the South African PowerBall? 

Compare the numbers you chose with those selected in the draw! If you matched the five main numbers and the additional number, you are the winner of the PowerBall jackpot! Did your ticket only make a partial match? You could still be a winner of PowerBall’s eight other prize divisions. View the winning numbers posted here to see if you won PowerBall prizes!

South Africa PowerBall Rules

South Africa PowerBall Rules

Players select five numbers from a range of 1-50, as well as an additional number (Powerball) drawn from a separate matrix with a guess range of 1-20.

Players use a 6-line form and can choose their numbers manually, use preselected numbers (My Numbers) or have the numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick).

Drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday at 21:30 GMT+2 in South Africa, and ticket sales close approximately 1-2 hours prior to the draw. PowerBall draw results are available on MagicLotto shortly after the draws take place.

Winning South Africa PowerBall Prizes

Winning South Africa PowerBall Prizes

There are nine winning prize categories, and the jackpot can be claimed when all five regular numbers, as well as the additional number (the PowerBall), match the called numbers. The additional number is used towards the jackpot as well as the third, fifth, seventh, and eighth place prize categories, while the ninth prize is awarded to tickets that match only the additional Powerball number. The South African PowerBall’s jackpot always starts at R5 million and grows as the rollovers continue.

There are no taxes on winnings, and all winnings are paid in a lump sum (a one-time payment). Winners must claim all prizes over R50,000 at the official South African National Lotteries headquarters within a year of the lucky draw.

South Africa PowerBall Record Jackpots

South Africa PowerBall Record Jackpots

PowerBall’s R102,016,595 jackpot in the draw on 3 June 2011 was the highest lottery jackpot in South Africa at the time, and PowerBall held this record for over seven years. Amazingly, that prize was never collected!

PowerBall set a jackpot record when a prize of R145,469,799.30 was won by a single ticket in the draw on 3 August 2018.

A new South Africa PowerBall jackpot record was set in the lottery's draw on 19 February 2019. After an unprecedented rollover series of 24 draws, a single ticket managed to match the winning numbers and win a jackpot worth R232,131,750.69. The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, a blue-collar worker in his 50's, purchased his winning ticket in Western Cape and claimed his prize one week after the historic draw.