£ 5,200,000

2024-06-19 20:00:00 GMT+02:00

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Unlock the Excitement of the UK National Lottery


Experience the thrill of the 6-from-59 style lottery with the UK National Lottery, offering you the chance to become the next millionaire!


Seize the Jackpot


Embrace the possibility of a life-changing win in the world of lotto hope and glory. Matching all 6 numbers in the UK Lotto makes you the jackpot winner. In a Lotto Must Be Won draw where the jackpot remains unclaimed, a Rolldown occurs, ensuring the jackpot is shared among players matching 2 or more main numbers, leading to thousands receiving a boosted cash prize. MagicLotto pays out the ZAR Equivalent.



Two Weekly Opportunities to Win Big


Participate in the UK National Lottery Lotto draw every Wednesday and Saturday night, providing you with two chances to secure a substantial payout. Ticket prices are dependent on the current exchange rate.


Witness the Draw Live


Be the first to catch all Lotto draws on our website at 8pm every Wednesday and 7.45pm every Saturday (British Time), bringing you closer to the heart-pounding moments of the draw.


Immerse yourself in the world of the UK National Lottery and unlock the potential to turn your dreams into reality with every play!