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R 109,000,000

2024-07-24 20:00:00 GMT+02:00

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R 450,000

2024-07-22 20:00:00 GMT+02:00

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R 22,000,000

2024-07-23 20:00:00 GMT+02:00

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£ 7,300,000

2024-07-24 20:00:00 GMT+02:00

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€ 17,000,000

2024-07-23 19:45:00 GMT+02:00

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€ 32,000,000

2024-07-23 19:00:00 GMT+02:00

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$ 112,000,000

2024-07-22 23:59:00 GMT+02:00

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€ 52,000,000

2024-07-23 18:15:00 GMT+02:00

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$ 279,000,000

2024-07-23 23:59:00 GMT+02:00

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€ 21,000,000

2024-07-22 18:00:00 GMT+02:00

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€ 6,000,000

2024-07-24 17:45:00 GMT+02:00

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€ 5,250,000

2024-07-24 20:00:00 GMT+02:00

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AU$ 10,000,000

2024-07-25 09:45:00 GMT+02:00

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