Terms of Use

 Version number: 1.0.4 Last update: 15 May 2024




  1. Introduction
  2. Regulatory Status
  3. Ability to Accept Terms and Legality of Use
  4. Site Access and Use
  5. Opening of an Account
  6. Management of the Account
  7. Deposits
  8. Withdrawals
  9. Terms of Services
  10. Promotions
  11. Aborted Orders and Termination of Orders; Errors
  12. Complaints and Disputes
  13. Responsible Gaming Policy
  14. Intellectual Property Rights
  15. Third Party Links
  16. Warranty Disclaimers
  17. Limitation of Liability
  18. Term and Termination
  19. Assignment
  20. Your Responsibilities
  21. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
  22. Casino Games Terms and Conditions


1. Introduction

  1. Welcome to MagicLotto.co.za (together with its sub-domains, Content, Marks and Services, the “Site”). MagicLotto.co.za is an associated brand of Reboot Internet Technology cc, a company incorporated under the laws of South Africa, with registration number 2001/016173/23.
  2. This document (“Terms of Use” or “ToU”) along with the Privacy Policy, the Cookie Policy and the Terms of Services (collectively, the “Terms” or the “Site Terms”) sets out the terms and conditions of the contractual relationship between Reboot Internet Technology (“We”, “us”, “our”) and any person registering with and subsequently accessing the Site as a registered user (“Player”, “User”, “you”, “your”) and, to the extent applicable, to any person accessing the Site as a visitor. You are required to carefully read and accept the Terms when registering an account with the magiclotto.co.za. If, at any time, you do not agree with the Terms, you may not use or continue to use the Site.
  3. Reboot Internet Technology reserves the right to change these Terms of Use including any of the Services specific rules at any time. Should there be any material changes to these Terms, you will promptly be notified of such changes and prior to accessing and using your account for the first time after such changes take place you will be required to expressly re-confirm your acceptance of these Terms. In the event that, following any possible changes, you not wish to continue using the Services anymore, you may withdraw all your available funds and close your account.
  4. In the event of minor, non-material changes to these Terms of Use, we will endeavor to promptly notify you any such changes, however we cannot guarantee that at all times we will be able to. You are encouraged to periodically review these Terms of Use, also by checking their date and version number above, to ensure you are referring to the latest available version.
  5. These Terms and Conditions are published in English and may be published in a number of other languages. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and versions in other languages, the version most beneficial to you shall prevail.

2. Regulatory Status.

  1. Reboot Internet Technology CC operates Ticket Messenger Services as an independent ticket purchasing service and is neither associated with nor endorsed by MUSL, Française des Jeux or Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, nor any company that manages any product for which their services are employed.

3. Ability to Accept Terms and Legality of Use.

  1. The Site is not intended for individuals under the age of eighteen (18) (or any higher applicable age in the relevant country). If you are under 18 years (or such higher applicable age), you are prohibited from registering an Account (defined below) and using the Services (defined below).
  2. If it comes to our attention through reliable means that a User is under the age of 18 years (or such higher applicable age) we may, to the extent applicable, cancel that User's Account and/or access to the Site and withhold any winnings existing in the balance.
  3. It is your responsibility to access and to use the Site and the Services according to the Terms, to the legal restrictions, legality of use requirements, Responsible Gaming Policy (see section 13) and pursuant to all applicable laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to verify that your access and use of the Site and the Services is legal from the territory in which you are playing.
  4. The Site is intended for private use and recreative purposes only.

4. Site Access and Use.

  1. The Site:(i) provides information about leading worldwide official lotteries (each a ‘Lottery’) that are provided by independent official lottery operators (each a ‘Lottery Operator’), (ii) enables registered Site users (‘Users’) to purchase lottery tickets for specific and separate Lottery draws (each a ‘Lottery Draw’) by means of the Site’s messenger services (‘the Messenger Service’) and to play virtual, games with winning numbers drawn by a certified and tested random number generator, including, but not limited to, Lottery-Style Games; and (ii) offers Services (defined below) to Users, all subject to and in accordance with these Terms. A complete list of the Lotteries in connection therewith we offer our Messenger Services and the schedule for each Lottery Draw and relevant pay outs, are displayed on the Site.
  2. Subject to applicable registration requirements, and your compliance with these Terms, we offer certain services in connection with the Site (‘Services’), including, without limitation: the Lottery Ticket Service (see Section 9.2), Prize Collection Service (see Section 9.16), Alert Service (see Section 15), and the Complaint and Disputes Service (see Section 12).
  3. We hereby grant you permission to access and use the Site, provided that you comply with these Terms and applicable law and do not: (i) copy, distribute or modify any part of the Site without our prior written authorization; (ii) use, modify, create derivative works of, transfer (by sale, resale, license, sublicense, download or otherwise), reproduce, distribute, display or disclose Content, except as expressly authorized herein; (iii) disrupt servers or networks connected to the Site; (iv) use or launch any automated system (including without limitation, ‘robots’ and ‘spiders’) to access and/or use the Site; (v) use the communications systems provided by the Site to send unsolicited or unauthorized commercial communications; (vi) use the Site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes; and/or (vii) circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Site or features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any Content or that enforce limitations on use of the Site. We reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to the Site.

5. Opening of an Account.

  1. In order to use some of the Services, it is necessary to first create an account (an ‘Account’) and submit certain mandatory information to us in connection with your Account. You may decide whether to submit any information to us, however, if you choose not to submit mandatory information you may be unable to register an Account and use certain Services.
  2. By submitting your application for opening an Account with you agree to abide by these terms and conditions at all times. You also warrant and represent that you are:
    • A natural person acting on their personal capacity;
    • Not restricted by limited legal capacity;
    • Not acting in the interests or on behalf of any third party;
    • Not utilizing funds originating from any criminal activity or activities;
    • Not utilizing bank accounts, debit cards, credit card/s and/or any other payment method you are not authorized to use.
  3. When creating your Account you must provide accurate and complete information, including full name, date of birth, residential address, contact e-mail and personal telephone number, and must thereafter keep such details up-to-date.
  4. It is your responsibility to declare all personal details correctly. We reserve the right to immediately close your account and refuse, withhold and/or void payments if you have disclosed false statements about your personal details, including, without limitation, your age, whether intentionally or not.
  5. It is your responsibility to provide a valid e-mail address and a valid phone number. We may verify the contact details you provided to us by mean of a validation link sent to your email address and / or a validation SMS sent to your phone number. We reserve the right to suspend your account in the event that we are unable to satisfactorily verify your contact details.
  6. Reboot Internet Technology will treat with care the information you entrust to it, in accordance with its Privacy Notice.
  7. When creating your Account, you will be assigned a User Name based on the email address you provided and you will be requested to choose a password. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs in your Account, and you must keep your Account log-in details, including the password, protected and secure any linked e-mail address, personal computer and device on which your Account is accessible (including, without limitation, by keeping the password(s) protected and screen locked). We also advise you to log out after any gaming session and not to leave your computer unattended when logged in so that you can prevent anyone using his account without his consent. You must notify Reboot Internet Technology immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your Account and in any event Reboot Internet Technology shall not be held liable for any unauthorized use of your Account other than due to Reboot Internet Technology’s fault. For the avoidance of doubt, If one or more bets is placed using your Login Details it will be considered to have been made by you and therefore shall be accepted and deemed valid.
  8. Without derogating from the foregoing, if you are an (i) employee, director, officer, or Agent of Reboot Internet Technology or any affiliate entity, or (ii) a person that is connected with the management or operation of a Lottery Draw, including each Lottery Operator and its employees; or (iii) a spouse, de facto partner, parent, sibling, child or close family member of any of the persons mentioned in (i) and (ii) above; or (iv) located in the USA, Israel, Canada, Iran, North Korea or any country which prohibits the provision of services such as the Services (‘Prohibited Jurisdictions’), or (v) any person listed on the list of designations of the European Union, the United Nations National Security Council or the Maltese Sanctions Monitoring Board, then you are prohibited from registering an Account and participating or continuing to participate in any Services ‘.
  9. We reserve the right to add and/or remove any Country to the Prohibited Jurisdictions above.

6. Management of the Account.

  1. Reboot Internet Technology manages Player’s Accounts, calculates the available funds, the pending funds, the betting funds as well as the amount of the winnings. Unless proved otherwise, these amounts are considered as final and are deemed to be accurate.
  2. You are restricted to opening only one account or having one active account at any point in time. You are only allowed to make deposits to, or request withdrawals from your Account in accordance with Sections 7 ‘Transfer of funds to your Account - Deposits’ and 8 ‘Transfer of funds from your Account Deposits’ below; It is prohibited to sell, transfer and/or acquire accounts to/from other players as well as to transfer funds between Accounts.
  3. Accounts are not interest bearing. No interest shall be paid on any funds, irrespective of the amount, held in your Account. Reboot Internet Technology is not, and does not purport to be, a financial institution.
  4. In respect of your Account, at all times, we reserve the right at our discretion to:
    • Refuse to open an account or close an existing account without having to provide any justification. In this case any contractual obligations already arisen, shall be honored;
    • Decline to accept deposits without having to provide any justification;
    • Verify to our satisfaction, also by requesting documents or other evidences: (i) your identity and the other personal data provided when registering with the Site; and (ii)and (iii) your authorization to use a certain method of payment. Requested documentation may include, but is not limited to: certified copies of photo id’s, bank statements, references, utility bills, pay-slip Verification requests may be made at any time and we reserve the right to suspend or limit your Account pending any verification;
    • Forfeit and/or confiscate funds available on your Account and/or refuse to honor a claim, in the event that, directly or indirectly: (i) these Terms have been violated; and/or (ii) other unauthorized activities have occurred in connection with the operation of your Account (such as, but not limited to, breach of the law or other regulations, breach of a third party’s rights, fraud, and cheating);
    • Suspend and/or cancel your participation in the games, promotional activities, competitions or other services, whenever we deem that there are legitimate concerns that your Account is, has been, or may be used for illegal, fraudulent or dishonest practices, including promotion abuses;
      Verify to our satisfaction any unspent or unused funds in your Account;
    • Monitor your gameplay and transaction activity;
    • Request any additional information concerning you, your possible involvement in political and / or public functions, your business profile, including your sources of income and any relevant documentation corroborating such information, carry out any further activity and / or take any other action as it may be required by the applicable Anti Money Laundering / Funding of the Terrorism legislation. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, this shall apply to all Players reaching a deposit threshold of R20,000 over a rolling period of 180 days.
  5. An Account is deemed inactive if for a consecutive period of twelve (12) months there has not been recorded on the Account any log in/ log out and/or any wager.
  6. We shall notify you by means of an email sent to the email address listed in your Account (such notice will be entitled, ‘Inactive Account Notification’) that your Account is about to become an Inactive Account. The Inactive Account Notification will be sent to you up to thirty (30) days prior to your Account becoming inactive.
  7. When an Account becomes inactive, we will deduct an administrative monthly fee from your Account which does not exceed fifty rands (R50.00) or its currency equivalent. Such fee will only be deducted if your Account is in credit.
  8. You may be entitled to a refund of the fees charged in accordance with the applicable regulations


7. Deposits.

  1. In order to deposit funds in your Account, you can utilize one of the available deposit methods. Information on the methods available for deposits, including deposit limits, processing times and available currencies can be found in the Banking section of the Site here. As soon as you have registered your Account, you can carry out an online deposit by clicking the “Deposit” button and following the directions. Reboot Internet Technology does NOT charge a transaction fee when you make a deposit.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that if (i) you choose to make a transaction on the Site (for example, by paying the Order Price) with your credit card; or (ii) there are insufficient funds in your Account to pay for a transaction that you have entered into, then Reboot Internet Technology may charge that credit card or the credit card that you designate in your Account, and you hereby authorize the charging of that credit card (or any replacement card).
  3. You agree: (i) to only provide valid and current credit card and billing information for yourself; (ii) that we may use the tools, software or services of third party service providers to process transactions on our behalf; (iii) that you shall be liable for any card issuer processing fees in connection with payments and recurring payments; (iv) except as expressly set forth herein, all orders and purchases are final and non-cancellable or non-refundable; (v) if payment is not received by us for any reason from your card issuer, you agree to promptly pay all amounts due to us upon demand and, if applicable, Reboot Internet Technology may charge a reasonable rejected payment fee; and (vi) any failure or inability by Reboot Internet Technology to process any payment hereunder does not relieve you from your payment obligations.
  4. We reserve the right to impose certain conditions on the use of particular payment methods and to change the payment methods available without giving notice. We do not guarantee that all methods of payment are available at all times.
  5. Except as expressly stated in these Terms, you acknowledge and agree that any Order Prices and/or payments paid by you to Reboot Internet Technology in connection with your use of the Site and any Services and purchases are non-refundable.
  6. If you reasonably believe that you have been wrongfully charged an amount by us you may notify us and request a refund. The tools within your Account should provide you with the means to do so, and in any event, you may contact us via our Support Service. Please be aware that we will not consider any such refund request unless you include full details of the disputed transaction, including the relevant dates, payment details, and a short explanation as to why the amount is disputed. If we, in our sole discretion, find that an amount has been wrongfully charged we will, as your sole remedy, refund you that amount.
  7. If you are not (completely) satisfied with our services after making your first purchase with us, you are entitled to request a full refund of that purchase. You may contact Customer Service to make such a request, along with providing full details of the purchase, including the relevant date of purchase, payment details, and a short explanation why you are dissatisfied with our services. Please note that our money back guarantee only applies to your first purchase on the site and not to subsequent purchases. You may request this type of refund up to six months after your first purchase.
  8. Reboot Internet Technology will not accept the deposit of any funds which it believes has been obtained by unlawful or ill-gotten means and will operate checks on all transactions in order to prevent money laundering. Any transactions which Reboot Internet Technology considers as suspicious will be reported to the relevant authorities.

8. Withdrawals.

1. During your use of the Site and Services, the following types of money or credit may be transferred to you or to your Account:
 (i) Winnings
 (ii) the cash value of money that you deposit into your Account for your use on the Site ("Deposits") 
 (iii) Bonuses, including any promotional monies administered in form of Bonus, such as cash-backs, and or 
 (iv) Refunds. Prizes, Discounts, Deposits and Refunds are collectively referred to herein as "Real Money". The bonus is credited to your Account, and referred to herein, as "Bonus Money" .Your entitlement to any Real Money and or Bonus Money is subject to and in accordance with these Terms. Bonus Money deposited into Users accounts will be valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of deposit.
 At the end of this period, the Bonus Money will be removed from the User’s account with prior email notification.
2. Use of Real Money. Real Money is transferred to your Account and may be used in connection with your future transactions on the Site (for example Place). You may withdraw any unused Winnings at any time in accordance with Section 9 below.
3. Use of Bonus Money. Bonus Money is credited to your Account and may be used solely in connection with your future transactions on the Site (for example to place Orders). You may not withdraw the cash or monetary value of unused Bonus Money from your Account.
4. Bonus Credit is not counted as deposited money for the purpose of your deposit limit, but it is counted as money spent for the purpose of your spending limit.
5. If you Place an Order, then we will first debit any available Bonus Money that you have in your Account. If there is insufficient Bonus Money to pay for your transaction, we will debit any Real Money that you have in your Account.
6. You may use the Site Tools to withdraw the available Real Money (Winnings) in your Account, or any part thereof, by selecting your preferred withdrawal method. The average time required for processing a withdrawal is approximately 3 business days. If your Account is limited, pending any verification in accordance with Clauses 3 and 6 above, the processing might take longer. Additional information regarding the withdrawal of Real Money (Winnings) is displayed on the Site here.
7. Withdrawals will be remitted to the same account from where the funds paid into the User's Account originated. Where this is not possible, Reboot Internet Technology shall remit the funds back to the player in line with the requirements under South African legislation. To the extent that any User wishes to withdraw funds from a, blocked, closed or excluded Account, they should contact support@magiclotto.co.za.
8. At least one Order must be Placed before you are permitted to withdraw funds which you deposited in your Account.
9. You shall be solely and wholly responsible for the reporting and payment of any and all taxes and charges arising from or imposed on amounts paid or transferred to you by the Site under these Terms. You acknowledge and agree that the Lottery Operator might retain a portion of your Prize and forward it to the appropriate taxing authority on your behalf.
10. To the extent that we credit or transfer you any amounts under these Terms, we will do so in Rands the same currency that you have designated in your Account to make payments to Reboot Internet Technology ("Designated Currency"). 

9. Terms OF Service.

  1. Each Lottery Draw is performed by the relevant Lottery Operator. Your participation in each Lottery Draw is subject to the terms and conditions of the related Lottery Operator (‘Lottery Operator Rules’). Whilst we provide a complete and detailed overview of each Lottery we offer on the Site, by Placing an Order you agree to independently review and comply with the relevant, applicable rules.

The Lottery Ticket Service

  1. We (i) make certain tools available on the Site so that Users can complete and submit online orders in connection with the Messenger Services offered by us with respect to

Lottery Draws (‘Orders’); (ii) engage local representatives to locally purchase a Lottery ticket on our Users' behalf with Lottery Operators in accordance with the User's

Order (respectively - ‘Local Representative’; ‘Lottery Ticket’); (iii) display the results of Lottery Draws on the Site; (iv) if applicable, collect the winnings from the Lottery Operators and credit the Account (defined below) of an eligible User.

  1. In order to participate in the Lottery Ticket Service you must (i) have registered a valid, and maintain an active, Account; and (ii) comply with these Terms. A user satisfying these terms and lawfully purchasing a Lottery Ticket through our Messenger Services accordingly shall be the owner of the purchased Lottery Ticket at any stage from the purchase of the Lottery Ticket on the User’s behalf.
  2. If you wish to use our Messenger Service to participate in a Lottery Draw, you must use the Site Tools to (i) complete an Order by choosing the type of lottery form and inserting your numbers into each line; (ii) submit the completed Order; and (iii) pay the price for submitting the Order (‘Order Price’). Completion, submission and paying for an Order as detailed in this clause shall hereinafter collectively be referred to as ‘Placing an Order’.
  3. If you wish to use our Messenger Service to participate in a Lottery Draw, you must use the Site Tools to (i) complete an Order by choosing the type of lottery form and inserting your numbers into each line; (ii) submit the completed Order; and (iii) pay the price for submitting the Order (‘Order Price’). Completion, submission and paying for an Order as detailed in this clause shall hereinafter collectively be referred to as ‘Placing an Order’.
  4. The Order Price (i) is the amount displayed on the Site at the time you submit the Order; (ii) includes our service fee and therefore may be higher than the participation price you would pay if you submitted an equivalent lottery form to the Lottery Operator; (iii) is subject to change from time to time, as displayed on the Site; and (iv) is subject to the quantity of lines and numbers in the Order that you choose to submit you and the number of lottery games you choose to participate in.
  5. We stop to accept the submission of Orders a certain number of hours prior to the performance of the related Lottery Draw by its Lottery Operator (‘Cut-Off Time’). We display on the site the amount of time that is remaining until the Cut-Off Time for each Lottery Draw on the Site. We retain the right in our sole discretion to determine the length of the Cut-Off Time. Please be aware that once the Cut-Off Time for a particular Lottery Draw has expired, you will no longer be able to submit an Order for it.
  6. Following our receipt of an Order and Order Price, we engage a Local Representative to purchase on the User's behalf the related Lottery Ticket from the Lottery Operator. We use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that each Lottery Ticket complies, and is lodged in accordance, with the timeframes set forth in the related Lottery Operator Rules. You acknowledge that since Lottery Tickets are purchased locally immediately following your submission of the Order, there is no option of timely cancellation and you agree that your submission of an Order and payment of the related Order Price is final, non-cancellable, and non-refundable (except as expressly set forth in these Terms). In the event of any inconsistency between the numbers appearing on an Order and a Lottery Ticket, the numbers on the Lottery Ticket will prevail.
  7. We reserve the right to decline, refuse or limit any Orders placed via the Site and/or to decline or refuse to provide, or to limit the provision of, any Services. No charge will be made for any Order which is not accepted.
  8. Following each Lottery Draw, the Lottery Operator publishes the related final and conclusive winning numbers (‘Winning Numbers’). To the extent that a Lottery Ticket includes Winning Numbers you may be entitled to a cash prize (‘winnings’) to be paid by the Lottery Operator (‘Prizes’). The number of Winning Numbers that you need to obtain to be entitled to Winnings in connection with a Lottery Draw, as well as the amount of a Prize, is determined solely by the Lottery Operator. We use commercially reasonable efforts to publish the official Lottery Draw results, including the Winning Numbers and Prizes, on the Site as soon as possible following official publication thereof by the related Lottery Operator. If your Lottery Ticket is a winning ticket (‘Winning Lottery Ticket’) then we will send an email to your designated email account and (if you have chosen to participate in our Alert Service) an SMS to your designated mobile phone number, notifying you that the Lottery Ticket is a Winning Lottery Ticket.
  9. The Site differentiates between the following categories of Prizes: (i) the top prize in a particular Lottery Draw (‘Jackpot’), Prizes that are subject to local tax in the jurisdiction of the Lottery Operator (‘Locally Taxed Winnings’) and prizes of more than R50 0000; and (ii) Prizes that are not a Jackpot or Locally Taxed Winnings (‘Secondary Winnings’).
  10. If you are entitled to a Jackpot, Locally Taxed Winnings or a prize of more than R50 000, then you are responsible for personally collecting the Prize from the related Lottery Operator in accordance with Clause 9.21 below. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Reboot Internet Technology may, in its sole discretion, offer to collect the Prize on your behalf from the related Lottery Operator and transfer the Prize to you in accordance with our Prize Collection Service.
  11. If you are entitled to Secondary Winnings of up to R50 0000 (inclusive) winning ticket, you agree that we will collect the Winnings on your behalf from the related Lottery Operator and transfer the Winnings to your Account in accordance with our Prize Collection Service.
  12. You expressly acknowledge and agree that (i) if we collect the Prize (‘winnings’) on your behalf and transfer the Prize (‘winnings’) to your Account, then we may deduct associated bank transfer costs from the amount of the Prize; and (ii) as applicable, the Lottery Operator may deduct taxes, withholdings, or other sums from the amount of the Prize in accordance with its Lottery Operator Rules.
  13. We use commercially reasonable efforts to transfer the Prize (‘winnings’) to you promptly after our actual receipt of the Prize from theLottery Operator. You acknowledge and agree that if, for any reason, the Lottery Operator fails to deliver the Prize (‘winnings’) to us, then (i) we will not have any obligation to credit your Account for a corresponding amount; and (ii) in case of a Winning Lottery Ticket purchased through the Lottery Ticket Service, we will make the Winning Lottery Ticket available to you, in which case you may choose to personally collect your Prize (‘winnings’) from the Lottery Operator.
  14. If you are required to, personally collect your Prize (‘winnings’) directly from the related Lottery Operator, we will arrange for one of our representatives to meet you at our offices (or another location of our choice) in the country of the Lottery Operator (‘Territory’) and hand-deliver your Winning Lottery Ticket to you. You agree to cooperate with Reboot Internet Technology, or its representative, to facilitate you taking possession of the Winning Lottery Ticket. You agree that prior to you taking possession of your Winning Lottery Ticket you must first sign a legal waiver and release stating that you (i) have taken, or are taking, possession of the Winning Lottery Ticket; (ii) are personally responsible for collecting the Prize directly from the related Lottery Operator; and (iii) and you waive any legal or equitable claims, rights or remedies you may have against Reboot Internet Technology, and the Local Representative, with respect to your collection, or non-collection, of the Prize (‘winnings’). Under no circumstances shall Reboot Internet Technology have any obligation to pay you an amount equal to what a Lottery Operator may fail to pay you in connection with any Prize.
  15. Reboot Internet Technology reserves the right to oblige Players to receive Prizes equivalent to R1 000 000 (one million Rands) or more in a handover ceremony open to media of Reboot Internet Technology choice and to give one or more interviews. The Player may still choose to stay anonymous.
  16. If you are not located in the Territory, then you acknowledge that you may need to travel to the Territory to personally collect your Prize (‘winnings), as applicable (‘Travel’). You are solely responsible and liable for your Travel to and from the Territory, and (except to the extent expressly set forth in Section 9.24 below) all of your related costs and expenses, including, without limitation, travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.
  17. Notwithstanding Section 9.23 above, if you (i) are entitled to a Prize in the amount of more than R50 000; (ii) do not currently reside in the Territory; and (iii) are required in accordance with these Terms to travel to the Territory to personally collect your Prize or Syndicate Prize Share, as applicable, then we will pay your reasonable and justified (in our sole discretion) travel expenses. You acknowledge that our payment of any travel expenses may be subject to your participation in certain marketing related activities in connection with your collection of the Prize (‘winnings’), as applicable from the Lottery Operator in the Territory.
  18. If you Travel to collect your Prize (‘winnings’), as applicable, then you agree that you remain solely responsible and liable for, and shall: (i) obtain all necessary visas and permits that are necessary to enter the Territory; (ii) secure travel insurance (which must cover you for medical, personal injury and property claims); (iii) obtain all medical inoculations, approvals and/or consents; and (iv) comply with any Lottery Operator Rules that require the completion and submission of specific forms, paperwork or documentation prior to collecting a Prize (‘winnings’) (collectively, ‘Travel Requirements’). You acknowledge that your failure to obtain or comply with certain Travel Requirements may preclude you from collecting your Prize (‘winnings’), as applicable. You undertake and agree that the Travel is entirely at your own risk. You hereby waive any legal or equitable claims, rights or remedies you may have against Reboot Internet Technology with respect to:
    1. any Travel, including without limitation Travel-related incidents, injuries, illnesses, or losses that you may suffer or incur; and
    2. your failure to obtain or comply with any Travel Requirements, including if you are unable to collect your Winning as a result.

10. Promotions.

  1. From time to time, we may offer you bonuses or other promotional offers. All bonuses and promotions are subject to these Terms of Use and to their specific terms and conditions which will be provided along with the description of each promotion. Participation in any Bonus or promotional offers implies full acceptance of general and specific terms and conditions. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have fully read and understood the Terms & Conditions prior to the acceptance of any bonus or promotion.

11. Aborted Orders and Termination of Orders Errors.

  1. In the event that the processing of an Order, a Syndicate Order or a Purchase, once it has been Placed or Purchased, is interrupted by a system failure of any nature and is not capable of completion, the amount of the Order, or Purchase, as applicable will be refunded to your Account.
  2. We reserve the right to terminate Placed Orders without prior notice, whenever we deem this necessary due to software or other errors.
  3. In the event that any information, including, without limitation, odds and pay tables, is incorrectly published on the Site, we will take action in order to rectify and amend the data in our system so as to reflect the correct information. Any winnings which are affected by the publishing of incorrect information will also be accordingly amended.

12. Complaints and Disputes.

  1. If you have any questions or complaints regarding the Site, including with respect to our Services, and/or any payments, you may (i) email us at support@magiclotto.co.za, (ii) submit an inquiry to us by using the 'Contact Us' option that is provided on the Site; (iii) chat with us via the online tool that we provide on the Site; and/or (iv) call us (at your own cost) to the support telephone number that we display on the Site (collectively, the ‘Support Service’).
  2. When submitting a complaint, please ensure to include clear information regarding your identity and all relevant details which gave rise to the dissatisfaction so that we can clearly identify the issue of concern. We use commercially reasonable efforts to respond as quickly as possible and will do so within 10 days from the date on which the complaint was submitted to us (extendable by 10 further days, if necessary).
  3. Should you remain dissatisfied following attempts to resolve the dispute, without prejudice to your right to take legal action in any court of competent jurisdictions, you can raise your concerns with the alternative dispute resolution service of CGSO.
  4. We will inform you, or the Authority in the event that the complaint was referred to us by the Authority, by notice in writing, of the results of our inquiry within 21 days from the date on which the complaint was submitted to us.

13. Responsible Gaming Policy.

  1. Reboot Internet Technology is committed to and encourages a responsible attitude towards betting and gaming, and in this regard we: (i) prohibit anyone under the age of 18 years (or the applicable age in the relevant country) from registering an Account and using our Services; (ii) recommend that all Users establish limits for participating in Lottery Draws; and (iii) do not recommend that Users turn to Lotteries as a source of income or as a way to recoup debt. If you feel that you are using our Services in an irresponsible way we encourage you to stop using and close your Account by using the Site Tools that we make available on the Site to do so.
  2. If you wish to increase an exclusion, these shall become effective immediately upon receipt of notification. If you would wish to decrease a limit set by you, such change shall only take place seven (7) days after the request has been received.
  1. The Site contains information and links to organizations which can help in case of problem gambling, including links and references to self-assessment tools and resources. If you have concerns about your participation in Lotteries, then we encourage you to seek help through these areas of the Site. Further information can be found here.
  2. We will use our reasonable endeavors to enforce our responsible gambling policies, to provide you with support and with assistance and guidance in the use of our Responsible Gaming tools; nevertheless we do not accept any responsibility or liability if you continue gambling and/or seek to use the Site with the intention of deliberately avoiding the relevant measures in place and/or we are is unable to enforce such measures for reasons beyond our reasonable control.

14. Intellectual Property Rights.

  1. The content on the Site, including without limitation, the text, documents, descriptions, products, technology, software, graphics, photos, sounds, videos, interactive features, and services (collectively, the "Content") and the trademarks, service marks and logos contained therein ("Marks"), are the property of Reboot Internet Technology and/or its licensors, and may be protected by applicable copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property laws and treaties. Content may include information about lotteries in general, Lottery Draws and the results and prize money in connection with the foregoing, and information regarding the odds of winning a Lottery Draw. Reboot Internet Technology and/or its licensors reserves all rights not expressly granted in and to the Site and the Content.
  2. Content on the Site is provided to you "AS IS" for your information and personal use only and may not be used, modified, copied, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, de-compiled, or otherwise exploited for any other purposes whatsoever without our prior written consent. If you download or print a copy of the Content for personal use, you must retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained therein. ‘MagicLotto’, MagicLotto logo, "Never Stop Dreaming Big" and other marks are marks of Reboot Internet Technology or its affiliates. All other trademarks, service marks, and logos used on the Site are the trademarks, service marks, or logos of their respective owners.

15. Third- Party Links.

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16. Warranty Disclaimers.

  1. This section applies whether or not the Services provided under the Site are for payment. Applicable law may not allow the exclusion of certain warranties, so to that extent certain exclusions set forth herein may not apply.
  2. The site is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis, and without warranties of any kind either express or implied. Reboot Internet Technology hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, and those arising by statute or from a course of dealing or usage of trade.
  3. Reboot Internet Technology cannot and does not guarantee that: 
    1. the site will be available at any specific time or for any specific period.
    2. the site's features, functionality or performance will meet the player's requirements or those of third parties.
    3. the site or its features and functionality are, or will be, compatible with, or available on, the device or system used by a player to access the site.
    4. any alert or subscription services (and or any other services) a player may choose will be provided in advance of the applicable cut-off time.
  4. Reboot Internet Technology does not guarantee that the site will be free of bugs, security breaches, or virus attacks. The site may occasionally be unavailable for routine maintenance, upgrading, or other reasons. You agree that Reboot Internet Technology will not be held responsible for any consequences to you or any third party that may result from technical problems of the internet, slow connections, traffic congestion, overload of our or other servers, delay or failure in transmission, or any alteration or distortion of data.
  5. We do not warrant, endorse or guarantee any content, product, game or service that is featured or advertised on the site by a third party.
  6. Reboot Internet Technology shall have no responsibility for loss or damage due to insolvency of third parties, including, without limitation, banks maintaining Reboot Internet Technology's bank accounts.
  7. You agree that Reboot Internet Technology shall not be liable for any:
    1. failure or malfunction of the equipment or technology of your internet service provider;
    2. loss or damage that may arise from any aspect of the site or its availability or functionality not within the control of Reboot Internet Technology; 
    3. the refusal to provide the services or any of them to any person;
    4. money lost by placing losing or invalid orders or playing losing instant win games;
    5. any losses caused arising from the misuse or unauthorized use of passwords.
  8. You agree that Reboot Internet Technology shall not be liable for any lost lottery ticket or failure to lodge a form or purchase a lottery ticket, or for any clerical errors that may be included in a lottery ticket, whether such failure, malfunction or error arises from our, or one of our service provider's systems, human error (each an "incident"). To the extent that any incident arises, or we become aware of any incident, we reserve the right to cancel a lottery ticket, an order, and our sole liability to you, and your sole remedy, shall be a refund of the related order price.
  9. You acknowledge that content regarding a lottery draw, including the official results of any lottery draw (collectively, "lottery operator data"), is based on information that we obtain from lottery operators and such content may be incorrect, incomplete, and subject to change. We do not warrant, endorse or guarantee the accuracy, currency, or completeness of any lottery operator data and you agree to verify lottery operator data via the website or official publications of the relevant lottery operator.
  10. Reboot Internet Technology will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the odds, pay tables, results and prizes published and/or provided by it are correct. However, Reboot Internet Technology shall have no liability whatsoever for such errors, including errors which are discovered only after prizes (‘winnings’) have been paid out, including, without limitations, in case where such error is based on human error, malfunction or incorrect information that is published by the lottery operator or other sources of information relevant to the lottery draw involved.
  11. We do not make any representation or warranty regarding your chance of obtaining winning numbers or of being entitled to a winning, or a prize. or usage of trade.
  12. Reboot Internet Technology does not guarantee that a lottery operator will perform (including properly) any lottery draw, honor a lottery ticket and/or, pay applicable prizes or syndicate prizes, and you agree that Reboot Internet Technology will not be responsible for the failure of any lottery operator in connection with any of the foregoing activities. In no event will Reboot Internet Technology be required or liable to pay you any prize (‘winnings’), or amount equal to the prize (‘winnings’), in the event that a lottery operator fails to do so for any reason. You hereby waive any legal or equitable claims, rights or remedies you may have against Reboot Internet Technology or anyone acting on its behalf that arises from your interaction with a lottery operator and/or the actions or inactions of a lottery operator.
  13. Reboot Internet Technology is not a lottery operator and does not hold or provide lottery draws. Your participation in each lottery draw and purchase of any service is voluntary and at your sole risk. If you have a dispute with a lottery operator or any other user or third party in connection with the site and/or a lottery draw, you agree that Reboot Internet Technology is not liable for any claims or damages arising out of or connected with such a dispute. Reboot Internet Technology reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor any such dispute.
  14. Except as expressly stated in our privacy notice, Reboot Internet Technology does not make any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, express or implied, as to the security of any information you may provide or activities you engage in during the course of your use of the site.
  15. Reboot Internet Technology shall be liable as expressly provided in these terms, but shall have no other obligation, duty or liability whatsoever in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise.
  16. The provisions of this section 16 shall survive the termination or expiry of these terms.

17. Limitation of liability.

  1. Under no circumstances shall Reboot Internet Technology, or our affiliates, and our respective officers, directors, employees, licensors, assigns and/or agents be liable for any loss of money, cost, expense loss, goodwill, reputation, special, indirect, direct, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind that arises under these terms or that results from the use of, or the inability to use, the site and/or the services, even if Reboot Internet Technology has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.
  2. The provisions of this section 17 shall survive the termination or expiry of these Terms.
  3. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Reboot Internet Technology and our affiliates, and our respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees) arising from: 
    • your use of, or inability to use, the Site; 
    • any dispute between you and another User or Lottery Operator; or 
    • your violation of the Site Terms.

18. Term and Termination.

  1. These Terms are effective until terminated by Reboot Internet Technology. Reboot Internet Technology, in its sole discretion, has the right to terminate your access to the Site, or any part thereof, immediately at any time (including, without any limitation, for a breach of the Site Terms). Reboot Internet Technology shall not be liable to you or any third party for termination of your access to the Site, or any part thereof. If you object to any term or condition of the Site Terms, or any subsequent modifications thereto, or become dissatisfied with the Site in any way, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue use of the Site. Upon termination of these Terms, you shall cease all use of the Site. This Section 18 (Term and Termination) and Sections 9 (Terms of Services), 14 (Intellectual Property Rights), 16 (Warranty disclaimers), 17 (Limitation of Liability), and 18 (Term and Termination), and any provision which by its nature should survive, shall survive termination of these Terms.

19. Assignment.

  1. These Terms, and any rights and licenses granted hereunder, may not be transferred or assigned by you but may be assigned by Reboot Internet Technology without restriction or notification to you.

20. Your Responsibilities.

  1. The Player is at least 18 years of age or has reached the legal age of maturity in his/her jurisdiction, whichever is greater. MagicLotto's operation of Live and Virtual Casino gambling is directed only towards players who, by the laws of their home jurisdiction, are not prohibited from gambling on the internet through the software's application. Some jurisdictions have not yet addressed the legality of using software for gambling, while some jurisdictions have specifically made Internet gambling illegal.
  2. MagicLotto can't determine the state of the law in every jurisdiction around the world on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the player accepts sole responsibility for determining the laws applicable in his/her jurisdiction. The player is responsible for any consequences that may transpire due to his/her not determining the legality of internet gaming in his/her jurisdiction. The player understands that the player may play games free or for money. The player understands that the Games are for entertainment value only and at the player's sole decision. Commercial use of MagicLotto is strictly forbidden. The player will play only for private and non-professional purposes. Before placing bets, the player is responsible for verifying the gambling laws that govern the place where MagicLotto is used.
  3. The Player shall hold the company, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents, and retailers harmless and blameless, and shall fully indemnify the same from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities, and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of players:
    • entry, use, or reuse of the website,
    • use of any materials at the website,
    • access, use, or reuse of the Casino Server,
    • participation in the game, or,
    • the acceptance of any Prize.
  4. Players shall periodically review at a rate not less than once monthly these Terms and Conditions posted on this website.
  5. The Player shall not participate in the Games, open, use or reuse an account, enter the website or the casino, nor accept any Prize if Player does not fully understand, agree to, become a party to, and shall abide by, without exception, all rules, regulations, terms, and conditions contained herein. As such, laws, rules, terms, and conditions may change periodically.
  6. The Player is obliged to keep his/her personal username and password secret and confidential. Any use of the software application through the player's username is the player's sole responsibility.
  7. The Player will not allow any third party or person, including and without limitation to any minor, to use his/her account to place wagers or participate in the games in any way. The player is fully responsible for any taxes and fees applicable to winnings resulting from the software's use.
  8. If winnings are taxable in the player's jurisdiction, the player is required to keep track and report the winnings to the appropriate authorities. The personal identity and details of all members will remain confidential. MagicLotto will not report wagering information on behalf of any member.
  9. MagicLotto reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time without notice. Any balance in your account will be immediately credited back to your credit card or sent to you by check, unless your withdrawals exceed your deposits. In such a case, the player will not receive their deposits back into their bank account. Also, MagicLotto reserves the right, in its total discretion, to void any winnings and withhold any balance in MagicLotto account under any of the following circumstances:
    • If the name on the MagicLotto account does not match the name on the credit card(s) used to deposit money into the account.
    • If you do not hold an identification document from South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana or Namibia.
    • If you are not of legal age in the jurisdiction where you reside.
    • If you reside in a jurisdiction where the law prohibits the use and participation of such games.
    • If you have allowed or permitted (purposely or not) another party to play on the MagicLotto account.
    • If you have reversed or charged back any of your purchases on the MagicLotto account.
    • You are allowed only one account per household, computer, and workplace. Winnings will only be paid to players having one account. If you have more than one account, all winnings and bonuses will be void.
    • If you are found cheating or determined by MagicLotto, you have used a system, strategy, or machine, be it an additional computer, additional software, a Martingale betting system, or any other system used to circumvent the natural randomness of our systems.
    • The name on the casino account does not match the beneficial owner of the financial instrument used to make the deposit or withdrawal.
    • If your financial information, personal information, or gaming modus operandi is similar to known fraudsters or deemed high risk or abusive by our security team.
    • Suppose you do not play any games on your MagicLotto account for a period of 30 days, meaning no player activity. In that case, your account will be deactivated, and any balance will be forfeited to the company.
    • If you provide false and or misleading information used to open a MagicLotto account.
  10. By accepting any winnings or prizes from MagicLotto, players consent to use their name and photograph for advertising and promotional purposes without any additional compensation except where prohibited by law.

21. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

  1. Reboot Internet Technology reserves the right to discontinue or modify any aspect of the Site at any time. The Site Terms and the relationship between you and Reboot Internet Technology shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa, without regard to its principles of conflict of laws. You hereby waive the right to a jury trial or to participate in a class action. The UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to these Terms. The Site Terms shall constitute the entire agreement between you and Reboot Internet Technology concerning the Site. If any provision of these Terms is deemed invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms, which shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of any term of these Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and a party's failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such

right or provision. You agree that any cause of action that you may have arising out of or related to the site must commence within one (1) year after the cause of action accrues. Otherwise, such cause of action is permanently barred.

22. Casino Games Terms and Conditions

Eligibility Requirements
To participate in the casino games offered by MagicLotto, individuals must meet the minimum age requirement of eighteen (18) years. This age restriction is enforced to comply with South African legal standards and to promote responsible gaming.

Account Restrictions
MagicLotto enforces a strict policy of one account per customer. This measure is in place to ensure fair play and to prevent abuse of our gaming services.

Verification Process
Upon registration, customers are required to provide their ID numbers for verification purposes. MagicLotto reserves the right to request additional documentation to confirm the identity of our users. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity of our gaming environment and complying with regulatory requirements.

Winnings and Payouts
It is important to note that no actual cash or monetary payouts will be provided by MagicLotto. Any winnings accrued in the MagicLotto wallet are to be used exclusively for further participation in our casino games or for purchasing lottery game entries available through our platform. This policy is designed to encourage continued engagement with our games while adhering to legal and regulatory standards.

Intended Use
The casino games available on MagicLotto are intended for recreational use only. Our platform is not designed for serious gambling, and we encourage all participants to engage in our games responsibly and for entertainment purposes.

Fair Play and Conduct
MagicLotto is committed to ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment. Any suspicious or fraudulent activity detected will be subject to investigation. Activation of an account signifies the user's commitment to genuine participation and adherence to our fair play protocols.

Acceptance of Terms
By participating in our casino games, users implicitly agree to abide by these terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of each user to familiarize themselves with these terms before engaging with our games.

Modification of Terms
MagicLotto reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice. Such amendments may be necessary to comply with legal requirements or to improve the user experience. Users should review the terms and conditions periodically to stay informed of any changes.

By engaging with MagicLotto's casino games, users acknowledge and agree to these terms, ensuring a fair, secure, and enjoyable gaming experience for all.